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What you would use to extinguish a stake? Water or more fire?
Thus, it is only love that can extinguish hatred.
(Dino Olivieri)


The Holographic paradigm and the Zen Tao

Posted by Sensei on January 13th, 2011

Many scientist have explored the similarities between physics and oriental philosophies.
Fritjof Capra has written an interesting book: The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism.

One of the main ideas proposed by this book is about the so called “Holographic paradigm”.

The holographic paradigm is a theory based on the work of David Bohm and Karl Pribram and extrapolated from two ideas:

  • That the universe is in some sense a holographic structure, proposed by David Bohm
  • That consciousness is dependent on holographic structure, proposed by Karl Pribram

This paradigm posits that theories using holographic structures may lead to a unified understanding of consciousness and the universe.

One of the main points of this paradigm is about memory. Memory, and so consciousness, is not stored in single pieces of this universe.
Many scientific experiments shows that memory patterns, as in DNA RNA, human and animal mind, chemical properties and reactions, physical laws, are similar to intersections of many wave fronts that permeates the whole.

So what we think about the world, in the sense of real world, is just an illusion. There is not solid thing, 3 dimensional space and time.
There is a whole constituted by infinite waves (or strings if you like) that are playing together, in dynamic series of movements in this ever changing eternal present.

So our body, our mind and our consciousness are reflections, images and holograms of the real world we can not experience directly.

This idea seems crazy and strange, we are living, made of and experiencing an illusory level of reality, but latest experiments in physics and the best candidates as theories of the whole are figuring this scenario.

Some author simplify this idea suggesting that we are living in something similar to Matrix (the result of universal computer), but the real world is a little bit more complicated. Tao and Zen, are suggesting, more wisely, that we are only part of the whole and patterns capable to see and understand themselves in the mirror.
Tao, in particular, says that the whole is the only interesting thing, a cup full of energy in eternal movement. Scientifically: an ocean of interacting waves/strings/branes from which emerges levels and levels of sub realms.
We are living in one of them and we can just imagine how big is the real whole.

Dino Olivieri


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